Class time: 9:30–10:30AM every Sunday

Susannah Wesley Sunday school class

Is a lecture class using the Cokesbury Adult Sunday School material as a guide. Our teacher Ted Davis is very knowledgeable of the bible and makes class entertaining with his humorous anecdotes on the lessons.

He is a great teacher who encourages interaction during his talks, so everyone is included. This class will welcome you with open arms of Jesus.

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The Friendship Sunday School Class

The class meets in the Church Library from 9:30-10:30AM welcoming men and women of all ages.

The Lesson series incorporates the International Sunday School 7 minute video corresponding to the Cokesbury Adult Bible Study; (an official resource for the United Methodist Church.) This class also includes Power Point Presentations expounding on the Scripture, with Visuals and Class Discussion.

The team teachers are Pastor Chet and Connie Smith

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Slow Walk through the Bible Sunday school class

This class takes a Slow Walk with God and His word. Please bring your favorite Bible as we tarry verse by verse.

The words of Amos the prophet pondered this: Do two walk together unless they agreed to do so? Amos 3:3.

We invite you to an informal group discussion as we study the Bible. Our class is diverse in age and welcome High school and above.

Class facilitators are James and Diana Cecil. We are currently walking through Genesis.

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Children’s Chapel

The Children’s Chapel is open to all children ages 3-13. Our chapel is a kid friendly space that follows Godly Play curriculum.

Every other week either allows children to listen to God’s stories with beautiful materials or allow children to “work” through play and crafts. Our class allows children to create their own children’s community and celebrates in wondering about God together.

Teachers are Ministry Safe compliant. No adults other than those compliant and approved by the Children’s Director are allowed with the children. Parents are encouraged to fill out a form regarding their child’s allergies and learning needs.

Our policies can be discussed privately with the Children’s Director. Simply visit us Sunday morning for more information, or call the church to arrange an appointment.

Children 2 and under are encouraged to visit our nursery, or stay with their parents.